Thousands of monarch butterflies could soon be around Lake Erie


This month, hundreds of thousands of monarch butterflies could be visible in parts of Ohio as they make their migration journey from Canada to Mexico.

“On a warm day with north winds, visit Cleveland Metroparks Lakefront Reservations to witness hundreds to thousands of monarchs as they depart Canada and arrive on U.S. ground,” the Cleveland Metroparks Facebook page said.

According to a Mary Calabrese, naturalist for Metroparks, much of the butterflies’ visibility depends on temperature and wind. If the weather in Canada is good, the butterflies will head toward Lake Erie. The monarchs use the area to rest and refuel.

“Everyone forgot this [migration of monarchs] was a thing until we started seeing photos of them returning to the shore of Lake Erie. Now, everyone is in tune with this,” Calabrese told News5Cleveland.