Three food categories are costing less than this time last year

The most recent Consumer Price Index showed good news for consumers during May, with the average cost of groceries seeing no signs of inflation. Several areas saw gains, though.

Pork saw the most, rising 1.4 percent in May. Poultry prices were up, but only slightly at four-tenths of a percent last month, which is up about 1 percent from last year. Beef prices saw the largest gains on the year, rising around 6 percent from last May.

Economists with USDA say several areas saw declines.

“There are three food categories where prices are lower than they were a year ago. And so those categories are prices for fish and seafood. They are down by 1% compared to last year. Dairy products are also down by 1% compared to last year. And fresh fruits are down by .2% compared to last year,” said Megan Sweitzer.

USDA’s latest Food Price Outlook shows all food prices are expected to increase a little more than 2 percent this year.