Tick Tock: Time is running out for lawmakers to get spending bills passed

Lawmakers have been back on Capitol Hill for a week but little progress has been made getting new spending bills passed before they leave again for Christmas break, including funding for USDA.

Lawmakers have until January 19th to get the first batch of bills through. The House, where the USDA bill was already defeated, is still torn over proposed cuts to nutrition.

“He’s hoping to have by January 19, when you’re going to shut down the government, one great big package that he’s going to negotiate and put a lot of things on the Christmas tree that he wants to get passed, that can’t be debated separately, and that’s just the way he wants to run the appropriation process…and you’ve heard me say many times, that’s wrong,” said Senator Chuck Grassley.

Senator Tommy Tuberville spoke with us this week, saying spending is out of control and all programs will need to be examined, including ones for the Farm Bill, which lawmakers have until next September to get finalized.