Time to prep water well systems for winter!

It is that time of year to prep water pipes for cold weather and for much of rural America it is important to get this done, not only to protect water resources on your operation but because many pumping systems were built above the frost line.

According to National Ground Water Association’s Ben Frech, “A lot of pumps are what they call ground pumps, meaning they’re just resting on the ground. If you have a ground pump or you know you have a shallow pump that’s installed potentially above the frost line, you’re going to want to know that, and you’re going to want to consider insulating that pump, potentially building a small well house over it or finding other ways to insulate it. If the water freezes in your pump and your pump stops operating, that won’t just damage the pump, that potentially damages the whole water well system and could cost thousands and thousands of dollars compared to a small investment that a well house or insulating the pump in another fashion would be.”