Tips when facing extended power outages during the summer months

Storms over the weekend have left tens of thousands of people in the areas impacted without power.
According to Texas officials, power outages could last weeks in parts of Houston.

The following are tips to keep in mind when facing extended power outages during summer:

  • Stay cool and hydrated. Keep out of the sun, drink plenty of water, and soak t-shirts to help the body cool off.
  • Keep food safety top of mind. According to FEMA, following a power outage, food in the refrigerator can only keep gold for approximately four hours, while freezers keep cold for up to two days.
  • Understand the safe and proper use of generators, always use them outdoors, dry and protected from rain and flooding. According to FEMA, isolation switches need to be installed by an electrician prior to use for a home power source.
  • Be sure to unplug electronics to avoid damage from electrical surges.