To Bee or Not to Bee: The state of the industry is getting mixed perspectives

Conflicting reports are coming out of the state of Vermont in regard to the bee industry.

Vermont’s Ag Department said in a recent report that honeybees in the state have been thriving, pointing to high colony numbers and fewer disease reports. However, the president of the Vermont Beekeepers Association begs to differ, saying the industry is actually really struggling and the losses are getting harder to bounce back from. Beekeepers fear the agency’s report jeopardizes efforts to increase protections for bees.

Meanwhile, the EPA is clarifying the use of pesticides in honeybee colonies. The agency has registered two new Varroa Mite Control products in the past several months. The tablets contain oxalic acid and consist of a slower release and longer-acting application. This comes as many were reporting beekeepers using pesticides not registered with the EPA as control methods.

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