Top 10 Jerry Lee Lewis Songs


Jerry Lee Lewis’ legendary career straddled both the Rock-and-Roll and Country genres. Here are our picks for the ten most memorable songs from his 65-years-plus career.

10. Somewhere Over the Rainbow

Not the typical Jerry Lee Lewis number, but this 1980 cover of the song famously song by Judy Garland in “The Wizard of Oz” was nevertheless that last of “The Killer’s” songs to break into the Top 10 (Number 10 on Billboard’s Country chart).

9. “What’d I Say”

This 1961 cover of the Ray Charles original was a successful Top 40 hit for Jerry Lee Lewis.

8. “Would You Take Another Chance on Me”

This 1971 single was Jerry Lee’s fifth Number One hit on Billboard’s Country chart.

7. “To Make Love Sweeter for You”

Released in November 1968, this country song was Lewis’ first Number One hit since Great Balls of Fire.

6. “High School Confidential”

Written by Jerry Lee Lewis and Ron Hargrave and recorded at Memphis, Tennessee’s legendary Sun Studios in February of 1958 as the title track for an MGM film that was released later that same year.

5. “Another Place, Another Time”

Released in 1968, this hit song (and the album of the same title) re-launched Lewis’ career as a crossover country artist.

4. “Crazy Arms”

Recorded in 1956 as his first single, Lewis’ version was a cover of a big hit originally recorded by country music artist Ray Price.

3. “Breathless”

This 1958 release broke the Top 10 on 3 of Billboard’s charts: The Hot 100, Country, and R&B – a feat not unique among Lewis’ biggest hits from the 50s.

2. “Whole Lotta Shakin’ Goin’ On”

This 1957 song, the second big hit for Jerry Lee, was considered a bit risqué for radio audiences of the day, and many stations banned it.

1. “Great Balls of Fire”

Without question, this was the quintessential Jerry Lee Lewis song – the one most associated with him throughout his career, and the one which lent its title to the 1989 biopic starring Dennis Quaid.