Tractor Supply Co. discusses the desire for the ‘out-there’ lifestyle amid the pandemic

From hobby farming to chicken coops and gardening, the demand for outdoor living supplies rose to new heights amid the pandemic. That is as many consumers rediscover their backyards, becoming at-home farmers.

President and CEO of Tractor Supply Co., Hal Lawton spoke with RFD-TV’s own Christina Loren on what is fueling this growth, the demand for the “out-there” lifestyle, and how his company is still growing during these tough times.

“We’ve really seen an embracement of that ‘out-here’ lifestyle over the last year, and this has driven a surge of traffic into our stores. Customers are embracing things like self-reliance categories, like poultry and gardening. Embracing that kind of at-home mentality with things like grilling, backyard furniture, or whether they have adopted a new pet... but it really has been all about that ‘out-here’ lifestyle over the last year,” Lawton explains.