Trade Rep Tai is still looking over the “overall compliance picture” of the Phase One trade deal

The U.S. Trade Representatives’ office is taking a closer look at China’s Phase One trade agreement compliance.

During a Senate appropriations hearing, Kansas Sen. Jerry Moran questioned the Trade Rep. about agricultural commodity purchases in the Phase One agreement as well as China’s commitment to making changes to non-tariff barriers, like biotech approvals and import restrictions.

Tai said that her office is still working to get a clear picture of the situation.

According to USTR Tai, “We are drilling down at USTR using the usual discipline that we have to look at the overall compliance picture and to examine China’s performance under this agreement in all of its component parts. What I would share with your right now Sen. Moran, because we are still in the middle of this review, is that the picture is more nuanced than you might think by just looking at the trade data.”