Triple J Farms aims for more opportunities for family members in the future

Many farms pass from generation to generation and one couple is happy to step up to the plate.

Lee Bagwell took over the farm from his father four years ago after he graduated college. It was just time for him to take the reins of their 750 acres of corn, wheat, soybeans, and tobacco.

His wife Halie helps out and act as team running their operation.

“As a family we try to do as much as we can together. If he needs help setting tobacco or the greenhouse leading him to another farm, we try to all chip in where we can,” Halie said. “I deal mainly with the financial aspect of it.”

Lee says that having his wife on the books makes it easier for him to tend to the day-to-day side of the operation. He has also continued to be a seed rep for Beck’s for the last five years.

The couple has recently had their first child, which will be the fifth generation.

“We’re trying to grow the farm big enough to where when he gets old enough, if he wants to farm, both of us will be on the farm together, and that’s a big deal for me,” Lee said.