Trump-Biden Town Halls Tonight

President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden may not be doing an in person debate this evening, but they will appear on two major networks in separate town halls. Trump will be in Miami, with coverage from NBC. Biden will be in Philadelphia, with that event airing on ABC.

Our Washington Bureau Chief, Emily Buck, will be watching these closely, and we’ll have the rural perspective for you tomorrow, on Market Day Report.

President Trump’s comments are getting headlines this morning. From a rally last night in Iowa, here’s what he had to say about recent agricultural exports:

“You know, two weeks ago, you had the largest order of corn in the history of our country. Two weeks ago, you had the largest order of soybeans in the history of our country – and the largest order of beef. You know why? Because China wants to keep me happy.”

A group standing behind the President held signs that said “Farmers for Trump.” Data from August shows China has imported $11 billion worth of ag goods, roughly one third of their commitment for the year.

Joe Biden spoke at a drive-in rally in Toledo this week, touting what he’ll do for manufacturing jobs. He says President Trump has let farmers down with the China trade war:

“I promise you I will stand up to China’s trade abuses and I will invest in the American worker because I know nobody can out-compete an American worker when they’ve got a fair shot. No body in the world.”

The two town halls take place tonight at 8pm Eastern, 7 Central, and RFD-TV will have a re-cap of the events tomorrow on Market Day Report.