Tuf Cooper dominates bracket five in San Antonio

It was an impressive showing for Tuf Cooper who won over $7,000 in bracket 5. The three-time tie-down roping world champion has yet to win in San Antonio.

On Saturday Cooper won the first round and placed second in the second round. He followed that up by winning the third round on Sunday night and securing the top spot in the fifth bracket. He stopped the clock at 7.1 seconds, 7.3 seconds, and 7.2 seconds.

“San Antonio is definitely one of those rodeos that everyone wants to win,” Cooper said. “I’ll never get tired of taking victory laps here. I’ve never gotten to make that lap around the arena in the back of the pickup and get the buckle. I’d love to do that too.”

Advancing to the semifinals alongside Cooper is John Douch, Reese Riemer, and Dane Kissack.

Stetson Wright is living up to the all-around title he earned in 2019. The Milford, Utah cowboy is the only contestant in this year’s rodeo to qualify in more than one even. He not only compete in the saddle bronc riding and bull riding, but he is advancing in both events.

Wright earned $4,750 in saddle bronc riding after placing in all three rounds. In bull riding, Wright took round two where he earned $2,500, enough to send him to the semifinals.

The first of two rounds of Semifinals 1 will start at 7 p.m. on Monday night. Ten contestants in each event will be counting their earnings as they hope to move into the Championship Finals. Five of them will make the cut after Tuesday night’s second round.


Bareback Riding

1. Richmond Champion, $4,500

2. Winn Ratliff, $4,000

3. Cole Reiner, $3,250

4. Jesse Pope, $2,500

Steer Wrestling

1. Tanner Brunner, $4,500

2. Matt Reeves, $4,000

3. Riley Duvall, $3,750

4. Juan Alcazar, $2,000

Team Roping

1. Luke Brown/ Patrick Smith, $4,125

2. (Tie) Matt Sherwood/ Trey Yates and Billy Bob Brown/Tanner Braden $2,500

4. Joshua Torres/Jonathan Torres $2,375

Saddle Bronc Riding

1. Stetson Wright, $4,750

2. Dawson Hay, $4,500

3. Wyatt Casper, $3,750

4. Lefty Holman, $2,500

Tie-Down Roping

1 Tuf Cooper, $7,000

2. John Douch, $4,500

3. Reese Riemer, $2,500

4. Dane Kissack, $2,000

Barrel Racing

1. Brittany Pozzi Tonozzi, $5,000

2. Callahan Tryan, $4,000

3. Jimmie Smith, $2,875

4. Shali Lord, $2,500

Bull Riding

1. Roscoe Jarboe, $5,500

2. Tyler Bingham, $4,250

3. (tie) Stetson Wright and Riker Carter, $2,500