Two brothers save San Antonio Police Officer during potentially fatal traffic stop

Police Sirens

Two brothers helped rescue a San Antonio Police Officer during an altercation with a suspect Saturday night, according to NEWS4SA.

The two brothers say they stepped in as soon as they saw the officer being kicked in the head during a traffic stop. The suspect appeared to be reaching for the officer’s gun.

That is when William and Luis Mendez-Guzman saw the incident unfold as they were passing by, and jumped into action.

“The man was reaching and swinging for the officers gun, he seemed at a loss, that’s when he started screaming for help,” Luis Mendez-Guzman told NEWS4SA.

The Guzman brothers rushed to the officer’s aid without thinking twice.

“At the time, we helped both men,” William said. “I think we reacted appropriately because the officer was being kicked in the head, and once we stepped in the officer was getting ready to tase him, but we said we had him under control. We helped both of them.”

The brothers said they would never hesitate to step in to help anytime, if and when an officer is in trouble.