Two Bucks, One Shot


Burlington, North Dakota (KFRY)-- It is not unusual for bucks to lock antlers to show who is the dominant; however, it is special when you find two stuck together while out hunting.

Ron Olonia took his daughter hunting back in early November, when they stumbled across such a sight.

Olonia was able to bag two bucks with one shot. Although, one had already died, because of the battle.

He stated that he has never seen something like that in all his years of hunting. Morgan, his daughter, noted that her father was stunned and excited all at the same time.

He was unable to separate the two bucks. “They were so locked together. We couldn’t do it. They fight pretty hard, they’re a tough animal,” Olonia stated, according to KFRY.

The game warden was called and he cleared the kill with a salvage permit. Olonia plans to mount them together.


Photo Via ND Bucks & Bulls Facebook page; credit to Ronald Matthew Olonia

Story via John Salling at KFRY.