Two significant weather systems are expected to bring relief to west

The latest drought monitor released this morning shows significant precipitation deficits still exist across California and their largest reservoirs are still at critically low levels.

In the meantime, two significant weather systems are expected to bring drought relief to western producers. It could be the first real widespread relief the area has seen since October.

USDA meteorologist Brad Rippey says that right now snowpack and soil moisture are in bad shape.

According to Rippey, “95 percent of the western United States is currently experiencing drought at almost half-- about 44 percent in the two worst categories of drought-- D3 and D4 were extreme to exceptional drought. So, two quick-hitting storms are not going to vanquish this drought by any stretch.”

Rippey says that the only caveat is some of the rain is falling in areas that have recently burned, but that could cause flash flooding and debris flow on scarred hillsides.


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