Tyson will pay frontline workers $60 million in bonuses


Tyson Foods, Inc. announced it will pay approximately $60 million in “thank you” bonuses to its 116,000 frontline employees. The thank you is for all of the hard work the frontline employees and truckers are putting in to keep the company’s operation to provide food each day moving.

The bonuses are in addition to other company-announced efforts to support workers, plant communities and livestock producers during the global pandemic.

The bonuses will be paid to the employees in the form of a one-time $500 bonus and will be paid in the first week of July.

“We’re proud of how our team members have stepped up during this challenging time to make sure we continue fulfilling our critical mission of feeding people across America,” said Tyson Foods CEO Noel White. “Our company recently relaxed our attendance policy and we encourage our team members to stay at home if they’re exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19 infection. We’re taking additional precautionary measures, such as daily temperature checks at all our facilities and daily cleaning with extra sanitizing in high traffic areas.”

The company is also offering protective face coverings for production workers who ask for them.

Tyson Foods, which has mandatory health care coverage, is waiving the 5 consecutive day waiting period for short term disability benefits, so workers can receive pay while they’re sick with the flu or COVID-19.