U.S./China talks are off to a fiery start

The Biden administration’s first high-level talks with China are off to a fiery start.

There had been reports that the two sides might talk about trade with China seeking a rollback on Phase One obligations, but the conversation devolved quickly. Here is some of the heated exchange between China’s top diplomat and Secretary of State Antony Blinken.

Blinken: “I’m hearing deep satisfaction that the United States is back, that we’re re-engaged with our allies and partners. I’m also hearing deep concern about some of the actions your government is taking.”

Yang Jiechi, Chinese Central Foreign Affairs Commission Director: “Let me say here that in front of the Chinese side the United States does not have the qualification to say that it wants to speak to China from a position of strength.”

Blinken recalled some of Biden’s words when he was Vice President-- “it’s never a good bet to bet against America, and that remains true today.”