U.S. looks to continue bolstering market access overseas

With 92 million acres of corn planted and 83 million acres of soybeans, U.S. farmers are set to produce a bumper grain crop. Lawmakers are already looking for more opportunities to grow market access overseas.

USMCA is now fully in effect and lawmakers are looking towards other trade agreements.

“We need to resolve the trade conflict with China, there is no reason we cannot be competing in that market and establishing greater market share......We’ve got to find a landing zone for that,” Rep. Ron Kind (D-WI) said. “We have round two with Japan that we’re trying to move forward on.”

Kind mentioned there are opportunities in the United Kingdom, European Union, and with the Trans-Pacific Partnership Trade Agreement.

“That is the largest and fastest growing trade and economic region in the world, the Pacific Rim, and the idea that we are on the outside of that tent looking in, I think, is unacceptable.”

California Congressman Jim Costa was also in favor of the deal.

Non-tariff barriers are one of the key sticking points for negotiations in some countries.