U.S. meat processors now operating at 95 percent of normal capacity

Kansas Beef Plants

As meat packing facilities have begun to safely reopening, the cattle, swine and broiler sectors are now operating more than 95 percent of their average capacity compared to 2019.

In fact, the beef and poultry sectors are each at 98 percent average capacity year-over-year.

The facilities have been able to resume operations safely following President Trump’s executive order, which directed facilities to implement CDC and OSHA guidelines created specifically for the meat and poultry sector.

“President Trump took decisive action to ensure America’s meatpacking facilities reopen in a safe way to ensure America’s producers and ranchers will be able to bring their product to market,” said USDA Secretary Perdue. “I want to thank the patriotic and heroic meatpacking facility workers, the companies, and the local authorities for quickly getting their operations back up and running, and for providing a great meat selection once again to the millions of Americans who depend on them for food.”