U.S. wants Britain to relax food safety standards for bilateral trade deal

To strike a deal a trade deal with the U.S., American farmers want the United Kingdom to relax commitments to the safety standards of the European Union food safety standards.

According to Reuters, the United States Trade Representative Office is seeking to grow U.S. farm exports to the UK by getting the country to remove restrictions on things such as chlorine-treated chicken, genetically modified crops and hormone-treated meat. Those practices are uncommon in the UK.

The fate of U.S. and UK trade talks could depend on the talks between the United States and the EU. The European Union has not budged on food safety issues for decades and the Trump Administration refuses to accept the status quo. This has analysts anticipating a head-to-head battle for future trade deals between Washington, London and Brussels.

U.S. and UK trade talks are expected to begin in late March.