Ukrainian War Effects: Having a strong U.S. farm policy is as important as ever

The conflict in Ukraine is increasing our nation’s awareness of the importance of food security and farm policy

With the 2023 Farm Bill just around the corner, the war in Ukraine is causing awareness here in the United States of the importance of food security and farm policy at home.

USDA Under Secretary for Farm Production, Robert Bonnie says the war is a reminder of how conflicts abroad can impact our food right here in America.

“I think more the American public understands the vital importance, the strategic importance, of having a robust agricultural industry here at home. Domestically, as we think about the upcoming Farm Bill, the importance of a safety net and the importance of all things that the Farm Bill does for agriculture, for rural America, for all Americans,” said Bonnie.

He adds factoring in high input costs and farm safety net programs are ways to protect producers, but those currently only exist within the Dairy Margin Coverage Program.

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