“Uncertain” is the Best Way to Describe Ukraine’s Potential Crop Production

Ukraine’s winter wheat crops look good, but what happens to the spring crops is anyone’s guess right now.

This week, a Ukrainian Ag Consultancy predicted spring plantings would be down 40%. A U.S. analyst says it is nearly impossible to predict because of too many uncertainties. Jason Grant with Virginia Tech University says it is one thing to plant and harvest crops in dire conditions, but war is a game changer.

“But if you can’t get it to market and ports are idled or frozen and the logistics in the Black Sea from insuring the cargo you know, are insurance companies going to take this on or are they are going to be able to underwrite it?”

This week, Ukraine said Russia was attacking its ag infrastructure, by bombing warehouses full of farm machinery. Some farmers have reported Russian troops showing up and say it is a battle for food supplies.


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