Uncertainty over ethanol consumption has corn and soybean producers concerned

Uncertainties over ethanol consumption are impacting corn and soybean producers. Corn for ethanol use fell 9% month-over-month in February, and 2% on the year.

Soybean crushing was also down with 14 million fewer bushels crushed in February compared to January, but three million more were crushed compared to February of 2022, according to USDA.

Corn grower leaders sent a letter to EPA Administrator Michael Regan today, emphasizing the agency should use its authority under the Clean Air Act to create uninterrupted access to E15 in the summer.

In the letter, NCGA and leaders of 18 state corn growing groups cited the fuel market conditions that warranted E15 sales last summer still stand. They also highlighted the economic and environmental benefits saying there’s a need for consumers to have access to more choices as prices remain high, and higher ethanol blends reduce emissions.


Producers out West are learning from cotton growers in Louisiana and Mississippi this week at the National Cotton Council’s Producer Information Exchange Tour.
Meat exports were mixed for the first half of the year according to data compiled by the U.S. Meat Export Federation.