United States, Mexico quarrel over USMCA regulations

The U.S.-Mexico-Canada Agreement is fully implemented, but U.S. dairy exports to Mexico are facing barriers.

School and restaurant closures reduced Mexico’s demand for milk products, but the country is also considering new testing requirements that would treat U.S. dairy imports different than domestic products.

The National Milk Producers Federations says that this would conflict with USMCA’s intent and says that it is inconsistent with Mexico’s international trade obligations.

Mexico also failed to implement regulations to enforce protections for American made cheese with common names like feta. The group says that is a critical miss step, especially as Mexico and the European Union move toward implementation of a trade agreement reached in 2018.

Mexico has also objected potential U.S. regulations. The country objects to an interim rule from the U.S. International Trade Commission. The investigations could restrict Mexican long-haul truckers on American highways.

Proponents of the rule say that it creates a thorough review process, but Mexican officials say that it goes beyond what was agreed to in the USMCA.