Update on drought conditions

Nearly half of the U.S. is experiencing dry conditions. USDA’s meteorologist Rod Bain maps out the expanding drought footprint and the crops laying in its path.

“39.4 percent of the lower 48 states in drought, and that is a significant increase from 33.5 percent four weeks ago on August 4th,” according to USDA’s Brad Rippey.

This is the highest drought coverage we have seen since February of 2018, which was almost 40 percent. In the month of August, we saw almost a three fold increase in extreme drought or D3.

If you look at individual states, several have at least one-third of the area in D3, or worst.

“It’s worth noting that almost a quarter... of the U.S. winter wheat production area is currently in drought...,” Rippey adds.

Visual Drought Atlas needs the public’s help in combating drought.