Update on groundwater and its effects on ag

In parts of the High Plains, groundwater is the lifeblood of rural economies. Because the area can be dry during growing season, farmers rely heavily on irrigation from large underground bodies of water.

The Kansas Geological Survey conducts studies of those underground reservoirs to gauge levels and help determine how long they will last.

KGS Water Data Manager Brownie Wilson speaks with RFD-TV’s own Tammi Arender on those studies, their recent findings, and how things have changed since last year.

“By and large, the water levels were down this year across the aquifer... it was a pretty dry summer, and this was especially true for much of western Kansas, especially those counties along the Colorado line... They were dealing with drought conditions throughout most of the summer... and when it’s really dry you have a lot more pumping going on, and then in response to that the water tables tend to drop a little bit more,” he explains.

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