Update on Livestock Industry

Processing plants are struggling every day trying to balance safety and production.

Senator Chuck Grassley says that he is worried about the health and safety of the workers at these meat processing plants. According to Sen. Grassley, “If it can’t operate at 100 percent efficiency and you’ve only got workers for 50 percent efficiency, then you do it at 100 percent safety.”

Ag markets are also being affected at the producer level. Many farmers and ranchers, because of bottlenecking, have no place to take their livestock when it comes time to sell them, costing them money and space.

Federal aid may help farmers deal with low markets; however it is hard to tell when normalcy in the markets will return. Allendale President, Steve Georgy stated, “As we approach these lows, we’ve been seeing some decent support...So, we will see what happens, but expect to see some choppy trade out of livestock; I don’t think thats ending anytime soon.”