Update on Packing Plants

Kansas loosens its restrictions for meat plant workers. Officials with Tyson and National Beef pushed for more lenient guidance, they say that there would be major problems in the food supply if plant workers have to quarantine for two weeks just for being exposed to COVID-19. Now, employees without symptoms can still work if they wear mask.

Kansas is responsible for more than 25 percent of the nation’s beef, so far nearly two thousand coronavirus cases were reported in state meat plants.

Tyson rolls out advance testing capabilities and care options through a partnership with Matrix Medical. The Wilkesboro, North Carolina location is in a pilot group of more than 30 facilities participating in the program. Test results will be shared with health officials, team members, and stake holders.

For the first time in a month, JBS in Brooks, Alberta is returning to two shifts. A spokesperson says that this will not increase the number of employees in the facility at any one time

The Case Farms and Fresh Mark meat plants in Canton, Ohio have reported outbreaks, but the severity of the situation is unknown at this time.

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