Update on Texas Meat Packing Plants

Texas health officials have been conducting investigations into several of the states meat packing facilities. RFD-TV’s Janet Adkison interviews Sid Miller, the Texas Commissioner of Agriculture, on the current condition of his state’s packing facilities.

Across the state, most facilities are not operating at full capacity. While some facilities are opening back up after a shutdown, producers are still feeling the backup caused on their farms. According to Miller, “The poultry guys are hit hardest so far...we have some very nervous cattle raisers and cattle feeders.”

Miller says that the facilities are following CDC guidelines and the state is doing everything they can to keep the facilities open and running, with respect to the safety of the workforce.

With Texas opening back up in the coming days, Miller assumes that the state’s producers will not have to deal with any depopulation, as the food supply chain will be slowly getting back to normal.

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