Upgrading rural infrastructure can help promote economic growth

Rural America is critical to the nation’s economy, and USDA’s Undersecretary for Rural Development says that her goal is to educate the rest of America.

Xochitl Torres Small says that upgrading rural infrastructure can promote economic growth and bring a community’s vision to life. She says that rural towns are on the front line of climate change, but sometimes the boost the need is not something residents have on their mind every day.

According to Small, “A few years ago, Rural Development funded two major water and sewer projects in West Point, Georgia. Water and sewers may not be the thing that everyone things about, but it is crucial for building jobs and opportunity in rural communities. In that case, it actually allowed Kia, the car maker, to build a major car making facility there, and so they’ve brought thousands of new, high quality jobs to the community and attracted additional suppliers to that local economy.”

She says that Rural Development funds also go towards building affordable housing in these communities.


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