USB and Goodyear team up to create more soybean oil products

Goodyear Tires and the United Soybean Board have teamed up to produce more soybean oil products by 2040.

According to researchers, the oil can improve the flexibility of Goodyear’s tires and enhance their road surface grip.

“We are pleased to partner with Goodyear for their award-winning innovation with U.S. soy in tires and are ready to meet their current and future needs for the sustainable procurement of soybeans. U.S. soybean farmers offer a safe and reliable source of sustainably grown soybeans that provide versatility in the areas of food, feed, and fuel, and also deliver high-performance products for industrial use partners,” USB’s Ed Lammer states, according to AgDaily.

Over the past couple of years, Goodyear has increased their use of soybean oil. They are actually up 73 percent over two years ago.

Story via AgDaily