USDA, FDA are fighting back claims of COVID transmission through frozen food

The USDA and America’s leading health experts say that there is no evidence of COVID transmission through frozen food packaging.

The strong statements come as the World Health Organization says that it is impossible the virus entered China’s wet markets from frozen food imports. The WHO made the claim after visiting the wet market in question while investigating COVID’s origins.

In the months leading up to the trip, the WHO claimed that there was no evidence of that being the case.

China angered exporters around the globe last summer, when it claimed COVID was found on frozen food packaging. It created a lot of red tape and extra expenses for sellers.

USDA and FDA are fighting back saying the science shows no evidence of that happening. In a joint statement, the two agencies stated, “Consumers should be reassured that we continue to believe, based on our understanding of currently available reliable scientific information, and supported by overwhelming international scientific consensus, that the foods they eat, and food packaging they touch, are highly unlikely to spread SARS-COV-2.”