USDA increases HPAI response efforts by more than $260 million

USDA is increasing its response to avian influenza outbreaks. Ag Secretary Tom Vilsack transferred money from the Commodity Credit Corporation to animal and plant inspectors.

More than $260 million dollars will directly support tackling cases. That is on top of a previous allocation of about half that amount, last month. A USDA veterinarian updates us on where we currently stand.

“We continue to have significant activity with highly pathogenic avian influenza, now reported in 32 states with regards to the domestic birds, either commercial or backyard flocks, and this has affected over 35 million domestic birds. We continue to work very closely with our state animal health partners,” Dr. Rosemary Sifford explains.

She says that the agency is thankful for the additional support it has received from partners.

Oklahoma is the latest state to report an outbreak in a commercial flock.


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