USDA invests $23 million in broadband for rural North Dakota


The United States Department of Agriculture announced it has invested $23 million in two high-speed broadband infrastructure projects in rural North Dakota.

“Providing critical communications investments in rural areas of North Dakota is important because when rural America thrives, all America thrives,” Rural Development State Director Clare Carlson said. “Polar Communications and Daktel Communications will use USDA’s ReConnect Program to provide essential broadband technology to rural areas, which is a utility as important as water, sewer and electricity. North Dakota farms and ranches, small businesses and families in these communities will experience a positive economic impact from access to broadband e-Connectivity.”

A majority of the money comes from a $21.2 million loan and grant combination from the ReConnect Program. The money will be used to construct a fiber-to-the-premises network over 1,870 square miles. The service will reach more than 2,000 households in addition to six education facilities and a health care center.

Another $1.8 million will be used by Daktel to service 406 households and three educational facilities over 354 square miles.