USDA invests more than $4 million in rural broadband in Oklahoma


The United States Department of Agriculture announced Wednesday it was investing more than $4.2 million into high-speed broadband infrastructure for rural homes and farms in Oklahoma.

“Broadband is pivotal for access to services and information, whether we’re talking about a Main Street business or a family farm. Our mission to increase rural prosperity cannot be achieved without addressing the digital divide our rural communities face because of a lack of high-speed broadband Internet connection,” U.S. Under Secretary of Farm Production Bill Northey said. “Technology and innovation are key in meeting the growing demand in agriculture. We are committed to being a strong partner to rural communities in deploying this critical infrastructure, and I’m excited at the tremendous implications that broadband will have for farmers in rural Oklahoma.”

The money is part of a $600 million project to expand broadband infrastructure in rural America. The progam is known as “ReConnect” and the investment in Oklahoma is part of the first round of ReConnect pilot programs.