USDA Topsoil Moisture Report shows only slight improvement last week

USDA’s latest Topsoil Moisture Report shows only slight improvements in conditions.

The short to very short condition ratings are still very high. There is only a 2 percent topsoil moisture surplus reported nationwide, with one state in double digits. Florida currently has a 10 percent surplus, largely due to Hurricanes Ian and Nicole that hit the state this fall.

According to USDA Meteorologist Brad Rippey, “As of the 20th of November, we see 53 percent of the agricultural area reporting short to very short topsoil moisture. That is a 1 percentage point improvement from last week, and in fact, now represents the fourth consecutive week of slight improvement from the peak of 68 percent back in late October.”

USDA will release its new topsoil ratings this afternoon with the Crop Progress Report.