USDA’s APHIS is enhancing HPAI response efforts thanks to a funding source

There is more money on the way to help fight Avian Influenza.

APHIS is getting $263 million from the Commodity Credit Corporation. It will be used for prevention and control methods, including surveillance, quarantine, new cleaning methods and biosecurity.

“Biosecurity is really the most important aspect for us right now we know this virus is prevalent in wild birds, and as wild birds continue their migration, they have the opportunity to expose our domestic birds to the virus. So the more we can do to protect our domestic birds from any interactions with wild birds or any feces they might leave behind the more we can prevent this virus from spreading.”

This week, a group of bi-partisan senators pushed for even more money to fight the spread. In part, to quickly reimburse producers for depopulation.

Avian Influenza is now in 32 states and has affected more than 35 million domestic birds.


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