Valentin’s Day traditions that are rooted in agriculture

Time is also running out to get that perfect Valentine’s Day gift. Right now, we’re going to take a look at some of the traditions rooted in agriculture.

One of the most popular gifts is a box of chocolates.

USDA says that did not start until the mid-19th century when British confectioner Richard Cadbury included chocolates in heart-shaped boxes.

As for flowers, we know the rose is the traditional symbol, but it was not the original.

According to South Dakota State University’s Carrie Van Buren, “One of the traditional flowers for St. Valentine’s Day is the violet. Again, it’s one of those very old, I don’t know how you substantiate it through legend but there were violets supposedly growing outside St. Valentine’s cell window.”

You also see doves on many Valentine’s Day cards. We often think it means peace, but the bird also symbolizes loyalty, fidelity, and love.