Vice President Pence calls USMCA a win for dairy while speaking in Wisconsin

Vice President Mike Pence hit the campaign trail in Wisconsin and touted the U.S.-Mexico-Canada Agreement as a win for American dairy.

“I predict that within six years, the United States is actually going to increase our exports by 50,000 metric tons of milk, 12,000 metric tons of cheese, 10,000 metric tons of cream, and the list goes on. Under the USMCA, Canada also will keep the price of skim milk... at least as high as America’s prices, so we’re going to maintain a level playing field. USMCA is a win for American workers, it’s a win for American farmers, it’s a win for American dairy,” the Vice President said.

Some Wisconsin dairy producers are skeptical Canada may backtrack on their agreement to reduce subsidies and import more U.S. products. In response, VP Pence says that President Trump means business.