Vince Gill: “Forever Changed”


Photo courtesy of: rulenumberone2, Creative Commons

August 16, 2019

Nashville, TN – Multi Grammy Award-winning MCA Nashville country artist Vince Gill released the latest focus track from his upcoming album OKIE today. “Forever Changed” is a song that is both timeless and of the moment. Inspired by Gill’s personal experience with attempted sexual abuse, “Forever Changed” gives voice to survivors of trauma and speaks to the cultural moment in a singular way. “I knew it was important for people to hear—it’s a real thing and you can’t sweep it under the rug,” Gill says, “It’s a story about sexual abuse and grew out of an incident that happened to me in junior high school—I was lucky and I escaped, but who knows how my life could have been different had I not gotten away.”

In 2018, Gill performed the song at the Ryman Auditorium for the Universal Music Group Nashville Artists’ Showcase during Country Radio Seminar. “We’re living in a time right now when finally people are having the courage to speak out about being abused, and I think that is beyond healthy and beyond beautiful—to see people finally have a voice for being wronged,” Gill told the audience, “maybe what’s been going on has given me a little bit of courage to speak out, too.”

With 21 Grammy Awards to his name and over 26 million records sold, Gill has solidified his place as country music’s most eloquent and impassioned champion. He is both a world-class musician and a wide-ranging songwriter whose compositions earned him entry into the Nashville Songwriters Hall of Fame in 2005 and the Country Music Hall of Fame in 2007.

OKIE will be released on August 23. Fans can pre-order HERE.

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