Vote to continue funding the government includes money for farmers

The threat of a government shutdown is over. In an evening vote, House lawmakers approved funding that includes money for farmers.

In a late night vote, the House passes a continuing resolution to fund the government through December 11th.

Representative Kay Granger states, “During this unprecedented time, it’s more critical than ever the federal government remains open and functioning. By passing this short-term CR we will provide critical support for farmers and ranchers.”

Funding for the Commodity Credit Corporation was added back, after Republicans and Democrats agreed to language blocking CCC funds from going to oil refiners.

Illinois Congressman Rodney Davis calls for more bipartisan talks.

“I’m extremely disappointed that it took this long to get the CCC, Commodity Credit Corporation replenished in this agreement and not held hostage by the majority,” Davis said. “Our farmers, our producers, in middle America, that don’t know what the market conditions are going to be like when they harvest their crops, they needed the certainty of knowing the United States government was going to full fund the risk management programs that we put in place in a bipartisan way.”

The deal also adds nearly $8 billion dollar for food and nutrition assistance programs.

“With this language we now give our schools, families, and school nutrition professionals certainty throughout the upcoming school year in the midst of a pandemic, where many may not be able to get that hot meal they’ve been used to getting during a normal school year,” Davis added.

The continuing resolution also supports transportation funding through the FAST Act, extends the National Flood Insurance Program, and ensures there are no delays at the Department of Veterans Affairs.