We should not judge those who are hesitant about COVID vax, Sec. Vilsack states

The White House is pushing the vaccination effort in an attempt to reach herd immunity by Independence Day.

That is just one month from now and the goal is to have 70 percent of adults vaccinated. The White House says that roughly 60 percent have had at least one shot.

Ag Secretary Tom Vilsack says that more than 90 percent of America’s doctors have been vaccinated, which he says proves just how safe it is. But, he understands some people may not be ready to roll up their sleeves.

“We recognize and appreciate at USDA that there are multiple reasons why folks may be reluctant to be vaccinated, and that has to be acknowledged and that has to be respected. This is not a situation where one can judge an individual because they might be reluctant to take the vaccination,” Secretary Vilsack explains. “But, I think it is important for us to do what we can to educate individuals, to remind them of the responsibility they have to themselves, to their family, to their community, and to their country. I think people out in rural America have a particular connection to family and community and country. And, I think each of those-- the family, the community, and the country-- benefit when more of us get vaccinated.”

Vilsack says that as more people get vaccinated, we should see an expanded workforce.


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