“We want to help people to get that really positive start": AgWest Farm Credit offers start-up grants

There is a new grant program to help get ag businesses off the ground!

AgWest Farm Credit of the Pacific Northwest announced the opportunity for a one-time start-up fund of $15,000 dollars to grant recipients.
AgWest VP, Jesika Harper explains more about what they are looking for on applications.

According to Harper, “The goal is through the application process and getting to know them at that early stage, we can help foster their growth kind of in a way that would be appropriate for a positive ag lending experience later on, into the future, and help them get started. We want to help people just get that really positive start as opposed to maybe finding financing when they maybe shouldn’t have got it or it isn’t structured appropriately for what they’re trying to get done.”

“Without having a good foundation of understanding of a cashflow budget and what’s their business plan, you know, covering all those important aspects, we can’t be sure of their long-term viability. So, it’s important in the application process to know that they’ve thought through those things,” she adds.

Harper says that they will go through the applications in September and will announce the winners later this fall.