Weird “snake” found in Virginia stumps experts


In Midlothian, Virginia the Virginia Wildlife Management and Control‘s Snake Identification Hotline was contacted regarding a rather weird looking snake.

The weird part about the “snake” was its head-- it was half-moon shaped.

On a Facebook post by the company, they stated, “We identify thousands of snakes every year... but the problem is, we’ve never seen anything like it before...”

The creature was later identified, but it was not what the wildlife organization thought. Turns out the “weird snake” was actually a powerful, invasive species of worm-- a hammerhead worm.

According to the Texas Invasive Species Institution Is flatworm is native to southern Asia. It is not only hermaphroditic but it can also regenerate if parts of it are cut off.

This species has never been seen in the “Old Dominion State” before but it has been found in North Carolina and as far north as Maine. Some experts believe the worm made its way to North America decades ago as a stowaway on a trade vessel.

To check out the video on VWMC’s Facebook page, click HERE.