What are Renewable Fuels Association’s priorities for the new Congress?

The Renewable Fuels Association is setting its priorities for the year as the new Congress takes over Washington.

President and CEO, Geoff Cooper says out the gate he is not expecting much activity on Capitol Hill when it comes to renewable fuels or energy, largely due to a split Congress. He says the group expects hearings and other activity surrounding the Renewable Fuel Standard, but they intend to press goals on the new Congress and federal agencies, too.

“Protecting the Renewable Fuel Standard, and making sure that this recent proposal from EPA is properly implemented and implemented in a timely way. Then, our other priority is going to be securing access to year-round E15. We certainly saw legislation introduced that would have done that for us toward the end of 2022. We fully expect to see legislation introduced early in the new Congress.”

Despite the split Congress, Cooper says he is hopeful bipartisan support will show through to allow year-round sales of E15 by next summer.

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