What are some challenges that come up with each Farm Bill?

Farm Bill discussions are underway across the country with the current legislation set to expire this September.

This will be the ninth Farm Bill for long-time ag advisor, Mary Kay Thatcher. She shares challenges that come up each time.

“For the most part, Farm Bills aren’t partisan, they’re bipartisan. The hassles usually come in regionally. I think we would just have to work to make sure that it does continue to be a bipartisan push and that everybody gets some wins and hopefully not too many people get losses,” said Thatcher.

She also says balancing and finding new funding for policy developments is always a struggle.

“If you don’t have any new money then it means in order to raise the PLC rate or to update base acres, you got to take money from somewhere else. You take it from conservation, you gonna take it from crop insurance premium subsidies,” Thatcher said.

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