What are the next steps for the U.S.-Mexico corn trade issue?

The U.S. recently met with Mexico to discuss the plan to end imports of biotech commodities.

The American Farm Bureau shares some of the new options the country is considering.

“Certainly, we view this as an unscientific trade barrier. Mexican representatives put forward a few ideas, perhaps they would allow for a one-year delay on the implantation of that decree, or perhaps they would talk about letting in just yellow corn, all of which I think is not really acceptable to Farm Bureau, which wants the trade to continue as it has always been,” said Dave Salmonsen.

Salmonsen says the two countries will continue the discussion next month at the North American Leaders Summit.

“So, you’ll have the president of Mexico, the Prime Minister of Canada, and then of course, President Biden, to discuss all kinds of issues, one of which we understand will include this issue of biotechnology and corn between the U.S. and Mexico. So, perhaps they could come to a deal, settle this issue so that we wouldn’t have any disruptions or any limitations on our trade,” Salmonsen said.

He adds without an agreement, the U.S. could request a dispute settlement case under the USMCA, as they have recently done with Canada over dairy.