What does a split Congress mean for the 2023 Farm Bill?

Congress is split. The Democrats will retain control of the Senate, while the Republicans took over the House.

What does this mean for the 2023 Farm Bill? Tony St. James with All Ag All Day shares thoughts from the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association Chief Counsel.

“I think it may be tougher but we’ll get a lot more compromise. The final package, whatever that looks like, is going to be something that needs support from both parties. Obviously, programs like conservation, and animal health, will be high on our priority list, while other groups will be heavily focused on SNAP programs and making sure that food is available for everyone in the country. I think achieving that balance is going to be key to getting a Farm Bill across the finish line and we’ll be pushing hard for that on Capitol Hill next year,” said Mary-Thomas Hart.

The NCBA says they do not want a livestock title added to the Farm Bill. The group says there is already so many segments that serve them already and another title would just add more complexity and hold up the process.