What Farm Bill programs benefit producers the most?

With the Farm Bill deadline closing in, producers are speaking out about which programs they benefit from.

Jo-Ann Chason, a Maryland producer, says that cost share programs helped her when moving livestock to new land about ten years ago, which ended up being a costly undertaking.
She says that with the Farm Bill expiring, lawmakers need to act quickly to keep these programs in place.

“When faced with regulatory requirements that are indeed good for the environment, it often leads to costly projects. Farmers across the nation rely on cost share programs to help them meet the requirements that might otherwise be cost prohibitive for them. And the current Farm Bill is set to expire in about a month, it’s imperative that as soon as Congress returns in early September, that they prioritize the passage of the new Farm Bill,” she explains.

Chason encourages all farmers and ranchers to tell their Congressmen and Senators about the importance of the Farm Bill.

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