What is one childhood farm chore you do not miss?


Some say being raised on a farm is the best way a child can be brought up and sets them up for a successful life.

One part of being a farm kid, though, is farm chores. They make them appreciate the work ethic and teach them motivation. Sometimes the chores can be fun, and sometimes they can be grueling.

The chores may range from shoveling snow, cleaning water troughs, or bottle-feeding calves.

A survey, from AgWeb.com, asked participants to vote on the one childhood farm chore they missed the least.

A quarter do not miss chopping weeds in soybean fields, 20 percent did not enjoy picking up rocks, 16 percent did not like hauling hay bales, 8 percent do not miss cleaning grain bins, 5 percent say they did not enjoy fixing the fence, and 3 percent do not miss power washing the barn.

Whatever farm chores your parents or grandparents had you do, or whatever you may have your farm kids do, we can trust that a strong work ethic will only benefit them in the long haul.


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Story via Jenna Hoffman with AgWeb.com